Cosplay Maniacs

A Selfcest-themed comic story created in collaboration with artist Manhgo! Leena is an award winning cosplayer who can perfectly emulate any character - When she meets her idol who is just as skilled as she is, of course they'll have to Compare!

In collaboration with artist Manhgo (https://www.deviantart.com/manhgo).

Leena is an award winning cosplayer whose inferiority complex and lust for the characters drives her to perfectly mimic her favourite characters from various media and games.

When she meets another cosplayer who is just as skilled as she is, her dreams of being with her beloved characters is about to come true - and of course, they'll have to compare by dressing as the same character!

Featuring a HUGE amount of cosplay fun! Including:

Mai Sh*ranui, S*ber, M*ruko, M*rrigan, J*m K*radoberi, H*rley Quinn, Ch*n-Li, K*rra, A*ri, Female Soldier, S*kura Haruno, T*fa Lockhart, W*dowmaker, 2*B, Princess Pe*ch, K*sumi, Sp*der Gwen, and J*lyne Kujo

(Adults Only!)

22 pages (1 cover, 20 pages, 1 support page)

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