Two-of-Her Comics Complilation - Vol.2

Official Re-Release of Two-of-Her Classic Clone Comics

In collaboration with the owner of the sadly defunct Two-of-Her website, its official classic clone comic releases on the BVR store! Also included for the first time, a exclusive release of pre-production sketches/pages for each work!

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Volume 2

"Enchante Ch.1" - Gary's wish that there was two of his girlfriend, Giselle, becomes unexpectedly true when she reveals her special powers
(6 pages, 6 pre-production pages)

"Enchante Ch.2" - Capitalizing on Giselle's twinning powers, it's time to pick up women at a club~ Some aren't into it, some are really, really into it!
(8 pages)

"Enchante Ch.3" - Enjoying Giselle's duplication and disguise powers to the fullest. Trouble is brewing when Gary meets someone new.
(8 pages, 8 pre-production pages)

"Enchante Ch.4" - Gary's poor decisions comes to a head, when Giselle confronts her replacement in a mirror match which ends in a dramatic climax!
(12 pages, 24 pre-production pages)

Adults Only!

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