The Gemini Fight Club: Part 1 - Grand Opening

An Original Selfcest/Mirror-Match themed Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist DifMan! A Duplicated Witch uses her Magic to open the Gemini Fight Club, to Celebrate the Occasion they Feature a Mirror-Match that will Blow Everyone Away!

The First half of a 2-part comic series, please check out: "The Gemini Fight Club: Pt 2 - The Climax" Here: https://blueversusred.e-junkie.com/product/16/

In collaboration with artist DifMan (https://twitter.com/DifmanM).

Welcome to the Gemini Fight Club! The Melindas, duplicated Witch co-founders of this exclusive club, use their magic to allow women members to match themselves against their ultimate rival, themselves!

Now that the facilities are finished and the club is up for business, the Melindas have planned a special exhibition match to break in their arena.

The featured battle promises to be brutal and hot, but can the audience full of twinned rivals hold back their desire to fight and fuck each other instead?

(Adults Only!)

20 pages (1 cover, 16 pages, 3 support page)

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