2U Studios - Game On!

An All-Colour Original Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist Mr.E. A Spin-off Followup Story based on the Popular '2U Studio' Comic!

In collaboration with artist Mr.E (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/33637260).

The duplicated genius inventors,Diane Arbeits, are lovers, co-founders, and co-CEOs of the 2U Studios film company - an all-women crewed studio that leans heavily on duplicating technology.

Follow the Diane's daily lives as they manage their new gaming studio division, deal with quirky duplicated employees, and have lots and lots of sexy "business meetings". With the development of their full-immersion VR hardware, these women are definitely going to get their game on!

“2U Studios - Game on!” is a Spin-off Follow-up story of the previously released comic, “2U Studios”. Available here: https://blueversusred.e-junkie.com/product/1688622

(Adults Only!)

28 pages (1 cover, 24 colour pages, 3 support pages)

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