KAGAMIMORI - Report of Users Reika Miyazono [Japanese Visual Novel]

*NOTE: Product is in Japanese language only!*

A visual novel/voice drama product produced by Fraternal Order Of Mirror and released in association with Blueversusred

Reika Miyazono, who decided to break up with her female lover because of her abnormal sexual inclination, gets a spiritual fortune bringer "Kagamimori" that completely satisfies her demands...


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1: Novel Game (full voice / 1 CG / 15 variations)

2: Japanese Voice Drama (Stereo / MP3 / 32 minutes total playback)

- 01. Prologue (4 min 02 sec)

- 02. Main Story (23 min 00 sec)

- 03. Episode (2 min 28 sec)

- 04. CV commentary (2 min 28 sec)

3: Full body illustration of main visual without credits (with or without clothing / 2828x4000)

* The voice drama is in stereo audio. Headphones / earphones are recommended.

* Background artworks in the game are from copyright free materials.

* The story of both visual novel and voice drama are identical.

* Created with KiriKiri 2. 800x600 Window Size

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version. It appears to only work on PC computers


Planning: KOK (https://twitter.com/narumi__2)

Scenario: Scer0411 ( https://twitter.com/scer0411 )

CV: Kinon ( https://twitter.com/kinon_voice )

Illustration: KAYU ( https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=446045 )

Editing: KOK (https://twitter.com/narumi__2)

Collaborative Creators:

Angel_of_Narcissus ( https://twitter.com/Angel_of_Narcis )

Narle ( https://twitter.com/Narcisslesbo )

Blueversusred ( http://blueversusred.net/ )

Production: Fraternal Order Of Mirror ( https://twitter.com/toh_les )

E-mail: sgw_kok@yahoo.co.jp

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