The Gemini Fight Club: Part 2 - The Climax

The Exciting Conclusion of an Original Selfcest/Mirror-Match themed Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist DifMan! The Battle Continues to Rage Between the Night's Featured Fighters. Things are Turning *Very* Sexual and the Audience Wants to join in!

The Second half of a 2-part comic series, please check out: "The Gemini Fight Club: Pt 1 - Grand Opening" Here: https://blueversusred.e-junkie.com/product/14/

In collaboration with artist DifMan (https://twitter.com/DifmanM).

The battle rages on within the Gemini Fight Club! The featured match between the duplicated Kalis has been brutal but the pain just arouses these fierce bitches further!

They matched fists blow for blow and now it's time to match their identical womanhoods to see who can finally defeat the other! The mirror match turns into a no-holds-barred contest of aggression and lust that none present will soon forget!

Already inpired by the Kalis performance, the audience members also decide its time to transition from their own personal brawls to the final conclusion of this climactic story!

(Adults Only!)

21 pages (1 cover, 17 pages, 3 support page)

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