Summer Festival

An original erotic manga adaptation of contest winning selfcest story: 'Same CP Summer Festival'


During a gorgeous summer festival, a heartbroken girl is confronted with another her exact duplicate. Confused and clashing against each other, they eventually felt attracted to each other in the hot summer heat ...

Based on the novel "Same CP summer festival" by Shirokane & Mochi Yone: The grand prize winning story in the "Same CP novel contest 2019", a novel competition centered on the theme of 'lesbian selfcest'.

A violently perverted, sweaty, and rich 24-page lesbian battle manga adapted by a veteran Artist, Xion.

Please look forward to it!

(The sample image is white line correction + mosaic, but the included image file is only corrected for white line)

(Adults only!)

24 Pages English (Japanese, Chinese, & Korean language versions also included)

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