Selfcest in the Academy

A parody of 'My H*ro Academia' produced by the same-character loving circle, Fraternal Order of Mirror.


When the male students and teachers are out for extra-curricular activities, the villains launch a surprise attack against the remaining female students and teachers.

This sexy school rampage combines one villains ability to "Transform" and the other's ability to "Double" to enact a delicious assault on the girls of Class A.

Confronted with the sexual advances of an identical opponent, all these girls get to take part in the fun!

- Ochako Ur*raka

- Momo Yaoy*rozu

- Kyoka J*ro

- Tsuyu As*i

- Mina Ashido

- Midn*ght

- Himiko T*ga... and more!

(Adults only!)

1 cover spread + 26 pages of the book + 3 pages of omake/extras at the end of the book (Japanese, Chinese, & Korean language versions also included)

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