Hokage's Vacation

A N*ruto parody comic about a busy hidden village ninja leader who takes it upon herself to take a break for some 'personal private time'. Featuring the art of Eroselth.

In collaboration with artist Eroselth(http://deviantart.com/eroselth).

Who knew that administrating a hidden ninja village was so work intensive?! Legendary ninja Ts*nade finds herself stuck behind a desk full of never ending paperwork.

Wanting a break, she sneaks out to have some fun and also hone her dulling ninja skills. What better way to relax than to also have some 'alone time' thanks to the sexy application of some ninja techniques?

Adapted on a short story written by Blueversusred which can be read here: Hokage's Vacation

(Adults Only!)

28 pages (1 cover, 1 sub cover, 25 pages, 1 support page)

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