Ferrah Chronicles: A Moment of Reflection

An Original Fantasy-themed Selfcest Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist Spaghett8! Explore the World of Ferrah, a Mystical Land Populated by Ladies with a Little Bit Extra between their Thighs!

In collaboration with artist Spaghett8 (https://twitter.com/Spaghetto087).

Dark Elf Thief Tia and Oni Samurai Yuki are beginner Adventurers who may be a bit over their heads. They're exploring a newly discovered mid-rank dungeon in the hopes of fame and fortune. What they discover will give them ample opportunity to "reflect" on themselves for some very sexy fun!

This story takes place at some point following the events of: "Ferrah Chronicles: A Simple Quest" and can be found HERE

If you want to read more about the world of Ferrah,


(futa x futa, futa x female, twincest, and a smidgen(!) of selfcest)

(Adults Only!)

23 pages (1 cover, 19 pages, 2 design pages, 1 support page)

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