The Gemini Fight Club: Hostile Takeover

The Second Spinoff Installment from the Original GFC Selfcest/Mirror-Match themed Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist GeminiGreed! A Ruthless and Gorgeous Businesswoman sets her sights on the Gemini Fight Club!

An episodic continuation following the events of the first 2-part comics:

"The Gemini Fight Club: Pt 1 - Grand Opening"


"The Gemini Fight Club: Pt 2 - The Climax"

In collaboration with artist GeminiGreed(https://www.deviantart.com/dredbean).

The second episodic release featuring the original Gemini Fight Club setting. This time, A ruthless and arrogant businesswoman wants the land that the club is built on and means to tear it down.

It's up to the club owners, the duplicated Witches Melinda and Melinda, to give a taste of the establishment's unique and thrilling 'appeal'~

The sparks really fly when two irresistible forces clash head-on to a spectacular (and sweaty) climax!

(Adults Only!)

20 pages (1 cover, 1 alt cover, 16 pages, 2 support pages), Japanese, Chinese, & Korean (automated) translation doc included.

All characters portrayed are at least age 18+

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