Punishment Cell — α —

An Original Futanari Sexfight Themed Comic produced by Fraternal Order of Mirror! A Rowdy Prisoner of a Futanari Jail is Introduced to a New Form of Prison Discipline ♥

α: Short Hair ver.

Ponytail Variant & - β - Bonus Page

Short Hair vs Ponytail Variant & - Σ - Bonus Page

A prison established specifically for futanaris

Within this prison, there are special rooms called "Hell", "Training Chamber", "Heaven", and "Paradise". When new prisoner, Itsuki, is accused of assaulting a fellow inmate, she gets sent to one of these strange places... and finds herself face to face with another version of herself.

(Adults Only!)

27 pages (1 cover, 27 pages, 1 bonus page, 3 support pages), Includes Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean versions

* Samples use black bars and mosaics, but the full version uses only black bars.

Contains overlapping content with

Punishment Chamber - β -

Punishment Chamber - Σ -

All characters portrayed are at least age 18+

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