DoppelQuest - pt.1

An Original Futanari Isekai Selfcest Comic Created in Collaboration with Mr.E! Lewd Selfcest-Loving Karin gets Summoned to Another World! Who knows what Shenanigans this Horny Deviant Otaku Woman will get up to?!

In collaboration with artist Mr.E (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/33637260).

A Futanari Selfcest comic that's a parody of the Isekai (Another World) Fantasy Genre.

Our 'Heroine', Karin, is a slovenly perverted otaku whose newest fap fodder is the ever expanding Selfcest genre! Through reasons unknown she is summoned to the fantasy world of Fiore to rescue its inhabitants from the Demon Lord Queen of Darkness, Chloe!

Of course, in accordance with the laws of the Isekai story genre, Karin is given her choice of special job class to take with her. What's a horny big breasted gamer gal going to do??

The following chapter, “DoppelQuest pt.2” is now available on the Blueversusred store HERE!

(Adults Only!)

23 pages (1 cover, 20 colour pages, 2 support pages)

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