Another Me Showed up When My Co-Workers Dragged Me to Karaoke and Now We’re in a Steamy Love Affair!

An Original Selfcest-themed Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist RibbonNoNeko! P.E. Instructor, Chie Futaba's World is Turned Upside Down when her Co-Workers Drag her to Karaoke!

In collaboration with artist RibbonNoNeko(https://twitter.com/RiBBoNNoNeko).

High school Physical Education Instructor, Chie Futaba, has had a long day and just wants to go home. However, her life is changed dramatically when instead her co-workers drag her out to mysterious Karaoke event.

Encountering another her, the two Chies must navigate their new life together. It doesn't help that a woman with a thicc, milfy, body like hers is exactly to both Chie's tastes!

(Adults Only!)

26 pages (1 cover, 2 support pages, 20 pages, 3 omake(fan art) pages), Japanese, Chinese, & Korean (automated translation) versions included.

Including omake pages with contributing artists: Aeolus, Mu4kami, and Xion!

All characters portrayed are at least age 18+

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