Ferrah Chronicles: A Simple Quest

An Original Fantasy-themed Selfcest Comic Created in Collaboration with Artist Spaghett8! Explore the World of Ferrah, a Mystical Land Populated by Ladies with a Little Bit Extra between their Thighs!

In collaboration with artist Spaghett8 (https://twitter.com/Spaghetto087).

Elven Swordmage Celine and Orcish hunter Jaddah are down-on-their-luck adventuring team looking for their next big score. Luckily, a special quest just came in! What seems like a "Simple Quest" results in some very unexpected (but sexy!) complications!

A spin-off story: "Ferrah Chronicles: A Moment of Reflection" takes place afterwards, available HERE!

If you want to read more about the world of Ferrah,


(futa x futa, futa x female, twincest, and a smidgen(!) of selfcest)

(Adults Only!)

26 pages (1 cover, 19 pages, 5 design pages, 1 support page)

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