Futawatch: DPS

The Most Ambitious(ly Insane) Comic Conceived Yet by Blueversusred! A Team of Six D.V*s Engage in a 'Pre-match Free-for-All' in their own Special Custom Game.

All full team of futa D.V*s forego annoying things like 'plot' and 'dialogue' in order to get right down to screwing each other's brains out without distraction!

Blueversusred was in D.V* hell as over 150+ costumed D.V*s were painstakingly illustrated - Creating the most deliciously gamer-girl-gremlin saturated comic in EXISTANCE!

Special Omake page by RafaelFonseca included!

(Adults Only)

21 pages (1 cover, 1 alt cover, 17 pages, 1 omake page, 1 support page)

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USD 9.99 1

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