1:1Piece: Nami Side

An experimental One P*ece parody comic where the story is split into two halves!  N*co Robin is helping out crew member, N*mi, in a get rich quick scheme. Featuring the art of Eroselth.

The fourth collaboration work with artist Eroselth.Set in the One P*ece world~

With crew member N*co Robin's assistance, N*mi is looking for a big payday by stealing the coveted split-split devil fruit. A mysterious fruit that confers the ability to split anything!

Things go awry however and not only are the two split, but the comic itself is too! In 1:1Piece: Nami Side, the story follows Nami's perspective as she is experiences first hand the (very sexy) effects of the split-split fruit~

Enjoy alongside the companion side of this story in "1:1Piece: Robin Side": Found Here!

(Adults Only!)

28 pages (1 cover, 25 pages, 2 support page), Chinese, Japanese, & Korean translation documents included (Machine translated)

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